Schwarzwald Germany


4 days in picturesque Germany for transformation, reboot
and making important decisions

Join us Aayla

The Shaman Festival is a sure way for a woman to reboot, relax and gain strength.

A means to abstract from everything and everyone, hear the voice of the soul and acquire ancient shamanic knowledge to improve the quality of her life.

It is a way to heal herself by learning about her potential, lineage and shamanic law.

Nationalpark Schwartzwald

Surrounded by the Black Forest, an iconic mountain range covered with dense beech and pine trees with crystal clear lakes, fields and villages. This is a place with the strongest energy vibes. The Festival program was created specifically for this place.

We will tap you into a reservoir of vitality - wild nature that can unveil the spirit and become a great source of knowledge.

4 days of shamanic practices, shamanism lectures, soul conversations every evening and music around the fire.

We have prepared an amazing program in untouched nature, which will expand your consciousness and help you reach other dimensions. We will get acquainted with northern shamanic traditions and heal the roots of your personality - spirit and soul.

Vocal percussion and
dances around the fire
Rest and relaxation zones
Personal spirit animal (totem) discovery
Shamanic trance journey

Guests will have the opportunity to plunge into the mystical world, where the most incredible things are possible, absorb knowledge and discover new energy sources. And the gentle power of the Black Forest will help you through the rituals and initiations.

Meditation and energetic
practices in nature
Daily Ceremony of Prayer for Peace
Discovery of female shamanic power (Kunoichi)
Tambourine Festival. Consecration of musical instruments
Communication with the spirits of nature under the supervision of a shaman
Rituals of unity with the power of nature and finding a spirit helper
Shamanic traditions of parenting / Child development
* In conditions beyond their control, the organizers reserve the right to modify the program

Ancient wisdom, personal growth, spiritual awakening and shamanic teachings of the SIBERIAN TRADITION - this is what awaits you at the Festival. At the heart of the program will be an absolutely unique trance journey into the shamanic worlds that is suitable for:

Conscious travelers who choose trips with benefits and deep meaning

Explorers of the inner and outer world seeking changes in travel

Those who just want to have rest, relaxation and feel in touch with themselves and nature

Meet the main shaman-guide of our Festival - Aayla
  • Hereditary Siberian shaman, known
    in 37 countries around the world
  • Author and trainer of unique training worldwide
  • Developer of over 500 development methodologies of human capabilities with the use of shamanic techniques
  • Aayla was the first to collect ancient knowledge about shamanism and explain it in modern language
  • Master of harmonious family traditions
  • The following movies were created in cooperation with the BBC based on research of my capabilities: “Human Brain Capabilities” (2006), “Horizon. Out of Control?” (2012), “Brain Story” (2012)
  • Curator of WWF
    projects in Russia
Here are just a few videos of Aayla's events
Basic package
520 € 500 € 350 €
  • Accommodations, meals and shuttle service
  • Level 1 amulet
  • Seminar program
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Standard Package
850 € 700 € 500 €
  • Accommodations, meals and shuttle service
  • Seminar program
  • Level 2 amulet
  • 2 group rituals
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Extended package
1300 € 1100 € 800 €
  • Accommodations, meals and shuttle service
  • Seminar program
  • Level 3 amulet
  • 2 group rituals
  • 1 exclusive ritual
Book Prepayment
There is no way to deposit the full amount, but do you want to reserve a seat for yourself?
The first shaman journey festival is for you if you want to:
Find inner strength
Realize your mission
Reboot and change your life
Unlock your superpowers
Bring back the power of contact within yourself
Heal body, mind and soul
See ancestral spirits and current spiritual guides
Discover the female shamanic power in yourself
Acquire the ancient knowledge of longevity
Explore past incarnations
Restore strength for a full life
Heal negative scenarios
Regain the balance of mind and body
Deal with karmic knots
Learn the shamanic traditions of raising children
Four unforgettable days are waiting for you, they are filled with warm communication, sun and relaxation!

A large Shaman team brings amulets from the heart of Siberia to the Festival, which are real living relics. They have several tasks: to protect, create harmony in relationships, strengthen the family tree, protect children, etc.

Every day you will have an opportunity to become the owner of Power items for yourself and your family. Be sure to take advantage of this chance because all amulets gain unprecedented power at the Festival. To be the owner of such an object of Power is a great success and blessing for you and your entire family.

Thousands of women have already
made their lives happy
You can read their stories here: